25th November
0730Arrival and Registration
Admin Team
0830Welcome and Introduction
Tim Spalding
Session 1 | 0835-1030
Primary ACL: Challenging our Results
0835Patella Tendon for ACL reconstruction
Seth Sherman
0845Quads Tendon for ACL reconstruction: A key option
Christian Fink
0900Registry data on Graft choice
Jon Karlsson
0915Hamstrings under threat: making them better
Andy Williams
0930ACL Surgery: Slight evolution not revolution
Peter Myers
0945What is ACL?
Freddie Fu
1015 Discussion
1030 | Coffee
Session 2 | 1100-1245
Controversies surrounding the antero-lateral complex
1100Anatomy and biomechanics of the ALC: Kaplan fibres and ALL
Rob LaPrade
1115ALL fact or fiction
Freddie Fu
1130ACL surgeons should do more work
Andrew Amis
1145ALL reconstruction is the solution - evidence
Bertrand Sonnery Cottet
1200Results of the stability study - the answers
Al Getgood
1210Lateral Tenodesis in my practise
Mark Bowditch
1215Revision ACL surgery and why LET is the key
Peter Verdonk
1230 Discussion
1245 | Lunch
Breakout | 1330-1400
From Complex Knee to Trouble Free
Session 3 | 1400-1600
PCL and Multiligament Reconstruction


1400The Collaterals: anatomy and reconstruction
Rob LaPrade
1430 Discussion
1440PCL Reconstruction: All inside technique
Pete Thompson
1455PCL Reconstruction: Principles and evidence for double bundle reconstruction
Rob LaPrade
1510Multiligament injuries in skiers
Christian Fink
1525Strategies for multi-ligament reconstruction
Rob LaPrade
1540 Discussion
1600 | Tea
Session 4 | 1630-1815
Keynote Session


1630ACL injury and reinjury prevention
Tom Patt | Nick London | Nev Davies | Christian Fink
1710 Discussion


1720Is the latest always the greatest?
Freddie Fu
1740 Discussion Moderator Jon Karlsson
Breakout | 1805-1850
ArthrexLive @ Sports Knee 2019
Sponsor: Arthrex
Hosted by Joel Melton & Dave Pemberton
Faculty: Bertrand Sonnery-Cottet | Vipul Mandalia | Oliver Templeton-Ward
Moderators Dave Pemberton & Joel Melton will be joined by Bertrand Sonnery-Cottet, Vipul Mandalia & Oli Templeton-Ward for live demonstrations of breakthrough techniques, tips and tricks and a glimpse at the future of arthroscopy. Join us immediately after the Monday program… liquid refreshments and Pembo’s terrible jokes provided.
2000 | Conference Dinner with Guest Speaker Steve Backshall