Matt Dawson

United Kingdom
Matt Dawson

Matt Dawson is a Knee Surgeon who specialises in sports injuries and degenerative conditions affecting the knee

He is a leading authority on osteotomy and Joint Preservation surgery in the UK and Europe.

Having completed his Orthopaedic training in London and a Sports Knee Fellowship in Dublin, Matt joined North Cumbria University Hospital in 2001.

Matt performs a wide range of knee procedures including arthroscopy, femoral and tibial osteotomy, total and partial knee replacement, articular cartilage surgery, single and multiple ligament reconstruction, patella realignment and stabilisation and a range of combined complex procedures for deformity and instability. Matt has developed one of the largest UK practices in osteotomy with over 400 cases to date.

Matt believes in the principle of joint preservation in order to prolong knee activity and knee function to the highest level. His philosophy is to individually assess patients with the appreciation that alignment and stability of the knee are the bedrock to successful knee function and successful surgery.

Matt is committed to the education of healthcare professionals. He hosts a successful fellowship in Osteotomy and Knee surgery at North Cumbria University Hospital and lectures locally, nationally, and internationally. He has published in peer-reviewed journals on the subject of osteotomy. He is one of two UK members on the ESSKA osteotomy committee.

In June 2015 Matt launched the annual Northern Osteotomy Masterclass. This acclaimed course attracts experts from around the globe and provides high-quality training for consultants and the surgeons of tomorrow. He is a co-convenor of the Basingstoke Osteotomy Masterclass and founder member and committee member of UKKOR, the world’s first national osteotomy registry.

Matt is working at the leading edge of knee osteotomy surgery with device technologies, surgical applications, and teaching techniques. He is a driver in several research projects in the field. Currently Matt is collaborating with a leading American company and European colleagues with a groundbreaking technology aimed at increasing accuracy of osteotomy surgery. This innovative technology permits correction of alignment to occur under precise post-operative control using a magnetic remote control device. Matt is the first UK surgeon to perform this surgery.

Matt undertakes his NHS practice at the North Cumbria University Hospital and consults privately in Carlisle, at The Cumbrian Clinic, Whitehaven and at BMI Hospital in Lancaster.


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