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Sports Knee Surgery 2019: Another round of current controversy|debate|discussion

Sports Knee Surgery 2019 is the 9th meeting in a series of conferences dedicated to the specialist knee surgeon with a focused interest in understanding new and established techniques.

This year is no exception with a high-quality faculty, a top venue and plenty of time for discussion. Freddie Fu will be reflecting on his huge experience in the world of knee surgery, Rob LaPrade is back again highlighting his massive research in the world of complex knee reconstruction building on a base of anatomy, biomechanical solutions and clinical data, and Bill Bugbee will cover the advancing world of osteochondral allografts in cartilage repair – now shown to be cost-effective.

Alan Getgood is back, covering osteotomy and the latest results of the long awaited Stability Trial of LET in Primary ACL. The topic of the anterolateral complex will be in sharp focus with Bertrand Sonnery-Cottet giving his results on a background of function and anatomy presentations by Freddie Fu and Rob LaPrade. Quads Tendon grafts are covered by Christian Fink and Patella Tendon grafts by Seth Sherman.

Additional sessions will cover the challenges of the patella-femoral joint, multi-ligament reconstructions, osteotomy and the meniscus. The highlight session at the end of Monday features ACL primary and reinjury prevention strategies, and Freddie Fu will give a keynote lecture on the merits of adopting caution with novel technologies including Biologics.

Sports Knee 2019 is
Ethical MedTech compliant

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Sports Knee 2019
25-26 November
St George’s Park Burton-on-Trent

Sessions Include

  • PCL & ACL
  • Collaterals
  • Allografts cost effectiveness & graft choice
  • Early OA
  • Biologics
  • Patello-Femoral
  • Chondral
  • Injury prevention: Primary and Re-injury
  • New Innovations: Mini metal
  • Multi-ligament injuries
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