20th November
0730Arrival and Registration
Admin Team
0830Welcome address
Tim Spalding
Session 1 | 0835-1000
Alignment, Overload and Osteotomy
0835Advances in Osteotomy 2017
Alan Getgood
0850Osteotomy and Unloading braces in the normally aligned knee – a challenging thought
Mats Brittberg
0905Patient-specific instrumentation for osteotomy
Matthieu Ollivier
0920Osteotomy using Corrective Nail
Matt Dawson
0935 Discussion
1000 | Coffee
Session 2 | 1030-1300
1030Root Repair Surgical Technique
Rob LaPrade
1050Root repair — where to place sutures
James Robinson
1100Big Pivot = ramp medial, or Lateral root. What I do and why?
Romain Seil
1115Meniscus Allograft Transplantation Technique and Results (case based)
Tim Spalding
1125Prophylactic MAT? What does the first RCT tell us
Nick Smith
1135 Discussion
Point-Counterpoint: Degenerative Meniscal Lesions
1200I never operate
David Deehan
1210Selective surgery required
Andy Price
1220 Discussion
1300 | Lunch
Session 3 | 1400-1600
PCL Reconstruction + MutiLigament Injury
1400Clinical Anatomy for PCL and Collateral ligament reconstruction
Rob Smigielski
1415My approach to complex knees: clinical examination and stress radiography
Rob LaPrade
1430Solving MCL reconstruction
Martin Lind
1445Lateral Reconstruction technique
Rob LaPrade
1500 Discussion
1530PCL Reconstruction: Principles and evidence for Double bundle reconstruction
Rob LaPrade
1545 Discussion
1600 | Tea
1630Multi-ligament injury Experience from a UK MTC
Pete Thompson
1645Multi-ligament injury in the athlete
Andy Williams
1700Primary repair and augmentation technique and experience
Gordon Mackay
1715 Discussion
Andy Sprowson Guest Lecture
1745Consent and influence on our practise
Nick Savva
1800Open discussion and web consent demo
1825Summary of the day and ESSKA 2018 invitation
Romain Seil
1830 Bar Discussion
1930 | Conference Dinner with Guest Speaker Scott Quinnell