Colin Esler

United Kingdom
Colin Esler

Colin Esler was trained in orthopaedic surgery in Nottingham, Exeter, Bournemouth and Leicester and has worked in Leicester since 1995.

He was awarded funding in 1994 to undertake research on knee replacement surgery and evaluate types of knee replacement. In 1997 he was awarded a fellowship at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) regarding hip and knee surgery. He was appointed as a consultant in Leicester in 2000.

Colin’s practice embraces all aspects of knee surgery – arthroscopy and minimally invasive procedures, hip replacement and foot and ankle surgery. He has particular interest in young patients with knee problems and those with failed knee replacements.

Colin co-ordinates the activities of the Trent Arthroplasty Study which looks at the outcomes of hip and knee replacement surgery. He has presented his research on knee replacement in patients aged less than 55 years nationally and internationally. The aims of his research are to improve the results of surgery and to provide patients with a better understanding of what to expect from surgery.

Colin continues active participation in rowing, golf and running (marathons and half marathons) which helps his understanding of sporting injuries and the need to get back to sport rapidly. He also works, and spectates, at Leicester


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