Al Getgood

United Kingdom
Al Getgood

Al Getgood is an orthopaedic surgeon and clinician scientist specialising in complex knee reconstruction.

He completed his primary medical degree (MBChB) at the University of Edinburgh in 2000 followed by orthopaedic residency in July 2010, which included completing a research Doctorate (MD) in orthopaedic sciences. His fellowship training included time in London (Ontario), Banff (Alberta) and Coventry (UK). In September 2012 he moved to Western University in Canada to work at the world renowned Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine Clinic in London Ontario.

Al’s clinical practice focuses on complex soft tissue reconstruction of the knee. He has been successful in securing peer reviewed and industry funded grants to build his pre-clinical and clinical research program focusing on joint preservation. Particular achievements include being awarded the MTF Junior Investigator award and the ISAKOS/OREF funding award.

Al has authored 48 peer-reviewed articles, seven book chapters, edited a book and a journal issue. He has given over 85 national and international conference presentations, lectures and demonstrations. He is a past General Board Member of the ICRS and sits on the Sports Medicine committee ISAKOS. Al is also a member of the International ACL study group and the AOSSM.


Monday 20th November

0835 Advances in Osteotomy 2017

Tuesday 21st November

1015 Session 5 Moderator

1200 Anatomy and biomechanics of the anterolateral complex

1230 Should I add anterolateral reconstruction into my practise?

1240 Roundtable Discussion

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