Norman Waugh

United Kingdom
Norman Waugh

Norman Waugh is professor of public health medicine and health technology assessment (HTA) in the University of Warwick Medical School.

He has been involved in HTA since 1995, in the Universities of Aberdeen, Southampton and Warwick, and has been involved with NICE since 2001, as leader of assessment groups and evidence review groups, and as a member of the NICE Appraisal Committee for six years. The role of the assessment groups was to produce independent reviews of clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness, through contract between universities and Department of Health (not with NICE).

His main research interest is diabetes, but as member of assessment groups, has had to deal with whatever topics came from the NICE programme, including ACI knees in 2004/2005 and 2014/2017. He has a personal interest in knee pathology resulting from years of rugby and climbing the Munros.


Tuesday 21st November

1500 ACI works – a health technology appraisal

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