2nd November
0730Registration opens
Admin Team
0830Welcome address
Damian Griffin
Session 1 | 0900-1030
Patello-Femoral Issues
Moderators: Pete Thompson & Laurie Hiemstra
0830Risky anatomy for the PFJ
Petri Sillanpää
0840Combination surgery or one op for everyone?
Laurie Hiemstra
0850MPFL complications, how to avoid them + revision options
Pete Thompson
0900Mini-Battle Finding MPFL Femoral tunnel location:
0920 Discussion: Challenge the panel on choice of operation and decision making.
0940Trochleoplasty Focus
1005 Discussion: Focus on Outcome measures, decision making, role of trochleoplasty
1025Welcome Address
Tim Spalding
1030| | Coffee
Session 2 | 1100-1300
ACL Reconstruction
Moderators: Tim Spalding & Brian Cole
1100Ongoing challenges in ACL reconstruction and search for answers
Tim Spalding
1110The ACL is a ribbon not bundles
Rainer Siebold
1120The highly important residents ridge
Andy Williams
1130Optimising ACL reconstruction: Rectangular tunnel BTB or Triple bundle hamstring tendon?
Konsei Shino
1140Evolution in improving results of ACL reconstruction
Bertrand Sonnery-Cottet
1150All inside ACL reconstruction
Adrian Wilson
1200 Discussion: Audience view on the presented issues
1230Mini-Battle Managing ACL Injury: hamstring or just string?

1300| | Lunch

Session 3 | 1400-1600
Registries, The ALL and Revision ACL
Moderators: Pete Thompson & Vincenzo Condello
1400The MOON cohort study: what is this finally telling us?
Chris Kaeding
1410What will the UK registry tell us?
Sean O'Leary
1420Antero-Lateral Ligament issues: Current knowledge 2015
Alan Getgood
1430Controversies in managing the anterolateral corner
1450 Panel Discussion
Adrian Wilson, Andy Williams, Bertrand Sonnery-Cottet and Alan Getgood
  • Focus on: ALL reconstruction: Who, how, rehab and results
  • My Antero-lateral reconstruction technique
1510Causes of failure ACL reconstruction based on data
Chris Kaeding
1520Tackling the problems of pre-existing tunnels and graft choice
Konsei Shino
15301 stage Revision is fine
Andy Williams
1540 Discussion: Decision making and tips in revision ACL surgery
1600| | Tea
Session 4 | 1630-1815
Innovations Old and New
Moderators: Tim Spalding & Mark Gillett
1630Focus on the patient: How to damage your cartilage
Daniël Saris
1640Negativity on Knee arthroscopy
Andrew Price
1655Synovitis after LARS ligament reconstruction — is this really a biocompatible material?
Andy Lee
1710PRP in the knee — an update on indications and effect
Elizaveta Kon
1720PRP and biologics in the knee — the future in 2015
Brian Cole
1730 Discussion
1735Medical Negligence: Are you really covered for professional sportsmen?
Neil Redman
1745The Climate in 2015 for new innovations from an Insurer point of view
Brian Goodman
1800 Discussion
1815 Bar Discussion
1930| | Conference Dinner