Rob LaPrade

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Rob LaPrade

Rob LaPrade is a complex orthopaedic knee and sports medicine surgeon who practices at Twin Cities Orthopedics in Edina and Eagan, Minnesota.

Rob is known as a specialised clinician scientist who has utilised his comprehensive research on sports medicine injuries to improve patient care and invent novel ways to treat knee problems. Many of the surgeries that he has devised have been performed worldwide. He has special expertise in treating posterolateral knee injuries, PCL tears, revision ACL reconstructions, meniscal repairs and transplants, MCL injuries, knee dislocations, knee osteotomies, fresh osteoarticular allografts, and other difficult complex and revision injuries.

Rob has published more than 475 peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts, 100 book chapters, and has given over 1,000 professional presentations, symposia, and instructional course lectures. He has been on the AJSM Editorial Board since 1998 and the KSSTA Editorial Board since 2007. He and his team have won many awards, including:

  • The Trillat Young Investigator Award from ISAKOS (twice)
  • J. Albert Key Research Award from the Mid-America Orthopaedic Association
  • 3M Excellence in Clinical Research Award from the AOSSM
  • Excellence in Research Award from the AOSSM (3 times)
  • Achilles Award from ISAKOS (twice)
  • Cabaud Award from the AOSSM (twice)
  • Nicola Foundation Young Investigator
  • Best Meeting Poster and Best Paper in Ligaments and Biomechanics awards from ESSKA
  • an OREF Kappa Delta Award, considered the "Nobel Prize of Orthopedics"

In addition, Rob is recognised internationally as an outstanding mentor and teacher, having been awarded several teaching awards, and has mentored international fellows from all continents.


Monday 25th November

1100 Anatomy and biomechanics of the ALC: Kaplan fibres and ALL

1400 The Collaterals: anatomy and reconstruction

1455 PCL Reconstruction: Principles and evidence for double bundle reconstruction

1525 Strategies for multi-ligament reconstruction

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