Seth Sherman

United States
Seth Sherman

Seth Sherman is a third-generation team physician and surgeon. His grandfather – the original “Doc” Sherman – treated New York City high school athletes for over 60 years.

Seth, like his father before him, continues the ‘family tradition’ as a sports medicine orthopaedic surgeon, and is an assistant professor at the University of Missouri. He is proud to be a part of the sports medicine team helping to take care of the Mizzou Tigers.

Seth completed his residency at the prestigious Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, trained by the team physicians for the NY Giants, NY Mets, and NY Knicks. During his sports medicine fellowship at Rush University in Chicago, he was the assistant team physician for the Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox.


Monday 25th November

0835 Patella Tendon for ACL reconstruction

1440 Session 3 Moderator

Tuesday 26th November

0800 Panel Discussion

0845 Cartilage repair in the patella-femoral joint

1110 Scaffolds or Cell based or allografts

1215 Amnion, BMAC, what else?

1540 Bone plugs are better

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