Feisal Shah

United Kingdom
Feisal Shah

Feisal Shah is a consultant specialist knee surgeon based at The University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust.

During his training he sought to gain expertise in knee surgery with a particular emphasis in sports knee injuries, young adult knee problems and knee arthroplasty surgery. He secured prestigious fellowships in the UK and in Sydney, Australia.

Feisal provides clinical expertise in ACL and PCL ligament repairs and reconstructions. He is skilled at re-doing ligament reconstructions that have failed, and undertakes meniscal preservation surgery where it is possible and also repairs meniscal injuries.

Feisal provides a knee preservation service where he either performs an osteotomy to halt the progression of arthritis, or transplant articular cartilage from donors or non-weight bearing parts of the patient’s own knee, thus preventing the need for knee arthroplasty surgery. He also provides a comprehensive arthroplasty service including patellofemoral resurfacing, partial knee resurfacings and total knee resurfacing procedures.


Monday 25th November

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