Tom Patt

Tom Patt

Tom Patt was trained in Switzerland and The Netherlands, with Dr AU Urfer (St Moritz), Dr P Burkart (Luzern), Professor W Mueller (Basel) and RK Marti (Amsterdam).

He has headed a private orthopedic clinic in Delft, The Netherlands since 2014. Tom’s professional interests are sports knee surgery, and he has specialised in mainly arthroscopic knee interventions.

Since 2010, his other real orthopaedic passion has been prevention of knee lesions in children and adolescents. In this context he chairs the European ESMA/ESSKA workgroup for prevention, the GUARDIANS of the ACL (a subgroup of the ACL study group), as well as being member of other European organisations such as the German Knee Society.

Tom is often invited to speak at national and international meetings, and his 2019 schedule includes New York, Vilnius, Salzburg, and Madrid.


Monday 25th November

1630 Keynote Session: ACL injury and reinjury prevention

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