Bjarne Mygind-Klavsen

Bjarne Mygind-Klavsen

Bjarne Mygind-Klavsen is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in all surgical aspects of arthroscopic Knee and Hip surgery.

His Consultant position is based at the Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark. The center is a highly specialized center dedicated to mainly arthroscopic surgery of the knee and hip but also consists of a Sports Medicine Clinic, of which Bjarne is Head, focusing on overuse injuries in the athletic population.

His main research area is outcome studies based on the Danish Hip Arthroscopy Register (DHAR). Bjarne is also a part of the research group directed by Professor Martin Lind concentrating on other areas of Sports Medicine and Arthroscopic Knee Surgery.

Bjarne is the Educational Secretary board member of the Danish Society of Arthroscopic Surgery and Sports Medicine, and is Head of and a part of the faculty of both Basic and Advanced Arthroscopic Technique Courses in Denmark.


Monday 2nd July

Session 4 Danish capsule closure RCT (close vs not).

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