The 2016 Warwick Agreement

The FAI Consensus Meeting was held at the University of Warwick on 30th June 2016 following the Sports Hip Conference held at St George's Park, Burton-on-Trent over 28th-29th June.

FAI Consensus Questions

What is FAI syndrome?
How should FAI syndrome be diagnosed, including definitions of FAI morphology?
What is the appropriate treatment of FAI syndrome? To include principles of conservative and operative care.
How should the asymptomatic hip with FAI morphology be managed?
What is the prognosis of FAI syndrome?
Which outcome measures should be used to assess treatment for FAI syndrome?
What future research needs to be conducted?

The aim of the meeting was arrive at a consensus on the management of FAI in order to publish an article giving guidance as to what is a reasonable way to approach the care of an FAI patient. The FAI Consensus Meeting discussed the material presented during the Sports Hip Conference together with the body of knowledge presented in a selection of academic papers and peer-reviewed articles, before the expert consideration of seven questions by the panel members.

During the meeting on Wednesday we will . Following our discussions on each of the questions we will draft a statement to include in the report. We will then be able to vote on that statement; amend it as needed, then vote again. We can do this iteratively until we achieve as much agreement as possible, and then report the strength of agreement on each point.

As part of the answer to the final question, attendees of the Sports Hip 2016 conference were be asked what they believe are the important future research questions in FAI. These were collated and a ‘1000 minds exercise’ was completed prior to the FAI Consensus Meeting. Using this method, the FAI Consensus Meeting panel members were able to rank the order of importance they placed on the research questions proposed by the Sports Hip 16 delegates.

Following the meeting a manuscript was drafted and circulated for approval. Karim Khan, the Editor of BJSM, published the article — which has become known as The 2016 Warwick Agreement — in the September edition of the British Journal of Sports and Exercise Medicine. He has also granted complementary Open Access for the article.

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