27th June
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Damian Griffin
Session 1 | 0900-1030
Hip Instability
The developing idea of hip instability. How can we diagnose and treat it?
0900Static instability: Arthroscopy or PAO?
Oliver Marin-Pena
0915Traumatic instability: Acute arthroscopy?
Damian Griffin
0930Iatrogenic instability: Capsulotomy, capsule repair and reconstruction
Bryan Kelly
0945Muscle training for functional instability in dancers and flexibility athletes
Ian Beasley
1000Surgery for instability in ligamentous laxity
John O’Donnell
1015 Discussion
1030| | Coffee
Session 2 | 1100-1230
Deep gluteal and peritrochanteric spaces
How to get started with this surgery: who are the patients; what are the techniques and results?
1100Imaging gluteal tears, deep gluteal space and ischiofemoral space
Ara Kassarjian
1115Proximal hamstring repairs
Filiep Bataillie
1130Deep gluteal syndrome and ischiofemoral impingement
Chad Mather
1145Repairs of abductor medius and minimus
Christoph Gebhart
1200Rehabilitation after deep gluteal surgery
James Neal
1215 Discussion
1230| | Lunch
Workshops | 1330-1500
Workshop Sessions 1 & 2
Session 3 | 1500-1600
Training and rehabilitation
What can we learn from managing athletes in professional sport?
1500Is FAI caused by sport?
Rintje Agricola
1510Does prevention work?
Mo Gimpel
1520Managing the first presentation of groin pain in an athlete.
Eanna Falvey
1530Should we do prehabilitation before surgery?
Kristian Thorborg
1540Is post-arthroscopy physio effective? Results of an RCT.
Amir Takla
1550 Discussion
1600| | Tea
Session 4 | 1630-1730
Hip Cartilage
How can we diagnose and monitor cartilage injury and repair? What are the indications and results of different methods of cartilage repair?
1630MRA, dGEMRIC, T2, T2*, Na and 7T mapping: What works?
Ara Kassarjian
1645How should we treat a chondral flap?
Nicolas Bonin
1700Treating a chondral defect: Microfracture or microdrilling?
Bryan Kelly
1715AMIC, MACI, spheroids, gels, PRP and stem cells: How to choose?
Stefan Fickert
1815 Bar Discussion
1930| | Dinner