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The Warwick Orthopaedics Sports Surgery Conference series is aimed at health professionals with a passion for looking after the athlete...of whatever age!

ACL Injury Prevention

25 November 2019 at St George’s Park Burton-on-Trent

Prevention of ACL injuries is a highly important and topical subject.

Appropriately introduced and with good compliance a 50% reduction in injury rate is possible. This special session at Sports Knee Surgery 2019 held at St George’s park for specialist knee surgeons tackles that subject in a very focussed 60 minutes.

The series is made up of Sports Hip, Sports Knee, Sports Shoulder and Sports Foot & Ankle. Each Conference is held every two years.

The Conferences are kept deliberately small — no more than 200 delegates — in order to preserve the intimate atmosphere. Our faculties are drawn from a range of national and international practitioners and researchers who lead their fields but, unlike some other events, we don't pretend that they possess the absolute truth and we encourage delegates to join in, both in the Conference forum and afterwards in the social breakouts.

Our delegates come from wide and varied backgrounds — including surgeons, physiotherapists, GPs and medical trainees — and with equally wide range of experience. Our programmes reflect these differences and, while we cater for the most inquisitive specialist, we also encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences in a common forum.

So why not come along to one of our Conferences. Its a great way to clock up your CPD points and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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