Warwick Orthopaedics has a national and international presence. We lead research and education locally, but also play a part in the development of trauma and orthopaedic surgery in the UK and around the world.

We have been recognised for our clinical, educational and research innovation, and are often asked to travel abroad to present papers and to give lectures at international meetings. International visitors to see our work are frequent. These links help to connect Warwick Medical School and University Hospital to the national and international community, and enormously enhance our opportunities for collaboration in research and clinical practice. Our trainees can be truly international in their scope.

Many of our group have leadership roles in national and international organisations: They help to organise training and research in the UK, sit on grant bodies, referee and edit journals, act as examiners, and lead specialist societies.

In each of our sub-speciality teams there are examples of innovation in clinical practice, bringing new treatments to our patients.

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