We teach the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal disease to Warwick medical students — the most common disease presentation to family doctors. Inspired to be interested in musculoskeletal disease and its treatment, many of these medical students then apply to our foundation training posts for the first two years after medical school.

For those who choose to train in trauma and orthopaedic surgery, the Warwick Programme offers one of the most dynamic and innovative specialty training opportunities in the UK. We built it from the ground up as a new way of training. Posts in all of our teaching hospitals were completely redesigned to place trainees learning objectives foremost, and to ensure that our graduates are as well-trained as orthopaedic surgeons have ever been, despite shortened training time and the reduced hours of the European Working Time Regulations. Those who look for an academic component to their training have ample opportunities in taught Masters modules, and in the research posts we offer for PhD students.

For aspiring senior lecturers and professors of the future, we provide the first Integrated Academic Training Programme in trauma and orthopaedic surgery in the UK. Funded by the National Institute of Health Research, this 8-10 year programme enables selected trainees to do a PhD and post-doctoral research in parallel with training to be a consultant orthopaedic surgeon.

We set up the West Midlands Surgical Training Centre in the University Hospital. This provides some of the best facilities in the world for simulated and cadaveric surgery training, and draws trainees and consultants from all over Europe. At the highest level, our stable of Warwick Sports Surgery Conferences now include Sports Knee, Sports Hip, Sports Shoulder, and Sports Foot and Ankle, bringing together the foremost experts from all over the world at Warwick every six months.

Education in trauma and orthopaedic surgery is very dynamic. Changes in the needs of young doctors and consultants, in the regulations around hours of work and training programmes, in the involvement of industry in education, and just the pace of development of our specialty, mean that there is a constantly growing need for more—and more innovative—education. We are well placed to provide it.

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